Wednesday, July 20, 2022

It Takes All Kinds, Issue 6

The sixth issue of It Takes All Kinds saw the light of day in July 2022.

Originally, there were plans for issue six to publish in April 2007. However, the publisher’s life hit a series of obstacles, and while the submissions hung around on a backup drive forever, there was no interest on her part to do anything with them.

As fate would weave its ways, she found herself meeting a writer/publisher and they talked about writing. Bringing up that she used to have a small press, he expressed interest in reading the zines. And, while listening to him talk about his writing career and being one to encourage art, she thought about picking up the thread of an old life and starting again.

Brilliant ideas have a way of willing themselves into being, and three days after she met that writer, she started a small press.

Issue six is the beginning of a new era, with renewed focus and a willingness to give people a place to share their voices. 

Issue six can be read here:

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